Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hints for Searching at

1. When you go on the site to sign up, ignore the banner and side advertisements for paid searchers. This is a FREE site to sign up but is supported by advertising.
2. Go back often to check and recheck.
3. When you search, don't look for the exact date -- search for just your month and year and state. Your loved one may have the date wrong and you will keep "passing each other like ships in the night" as they used to say.
4. Get in touch with other adoptees/mothers who were born/delivered same day/same place, especially homes for unwed mothers such as Crittendon, OLV-Father Baker, Booth, Springer, etc. and offer to join forces, compare notes, and search together. Invite them to our on-line search and support sites so we can hopefully help them. Be sure to reassure them these are free sites with several dedicated and successful search angels.
5. also has discussion forums. Admittedly, they are difficult to navigate and search, so persevere and keep looking. I've also found that you can go to and put key words such as "adoption", "Springer", or "Booth", "Salvation Army", etc., and you will be guided to some informative discussions.
6. The site also contains a link to hundreds of registries that seem to be proliferating on the web:
These obscure little "adoption reunion registries" are particularly aggravating for us. It just doesn't make sense to start up new registries all over the web when we should be making sure everyone is signed up with ONE big registry (particularly or two (if you include to optimize the chances that folks will find each other. I'm not even sure the link can keep up with all the new registries being set up, but we should try to search anyway. I would hate to think a mom posted on some small registry somewhere that maybe isn't even being administered any longer and think she's done all she needs to do. We've had a couple of cases like that, where the email isn't even valid any longer and no way to find them or get in touch with them. It sure is frustrating.

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