Search Angel

"I believe that every human being has a right to full knowledge of their origin, their family history, cultural heritage, medical information, and genetic makeup.  In that regard, I support all efforts around the country to overturn secrecy laws in states that prevent adult adoptees from accessing their original birth certificates, and I will help adoptees and birth families, free of charge, to search for and reunite with family." -Priscilla Sharp

This is the first meeting with my daughter (on the left), who was placed for adoption at birth, after our reunion in August 1986.  On the right is my raised daughter, and the baby is my granddaughter who became a mother herself in 2009, making me a great-grandmother!

Feedback from Some of Priscilla's Hundreds of Reunions

"Your help was invaluable to my search. My birthmother and I have had our reunion, it was amazing. She is an extraordinary person and I am honored to know her and have her in my life now. Making plans to meet siblings and the rest of an extended family soon. Thanks are inadequate for what you helped me accomplish. Be blessed in your future work." --Debra D.

"Priscilla Sharp put all of my concerns about sharing my personal story with a "search angel" to rest.  Priscilla has been one of my primary supports throughout my search for my birth family.  Not only has she provided practical support with useful suggestions and data that have moved my search forward significantly, she has provided emotional support, understanding, and the willingness to listen.  Priscilla is a consistent source of strength and hope for me which are greatly needed throughout this process."
--Elise L.

"Priscilla Sharp is never more than 2 rings away from the phone and 2 minutes from a response with an email. She is readily available to listen, support, advise and empathize with all of the many ups and downs of the entire searching process. For me personally, after I located my b/m's birth certificate, from that Priscilla found her parents’ obituaries and from there, found my b/m. She assisted me in making that terrifying first call and the countless other attempts at communication. I feel like I can contact her anytime with anything and will always get a helpful, loving, and caring response. Priscilla, I would be nowhere, if it wasn't for you. You are in every sense of the word, "a search angel." Thank you."  --Linda L.

"I just wanted to say thank you!  Being able to read a little about my family and see photos of my mom and dad has given me a freedom I have never had.  This is one of the most special gifts I have received … I will cherish the info you have tracked down and forwarded to me." --Kate F.

Dear Priscilla,  I wanted to send my thanks to you for helping Susan P— for finding her birth mother.  Not only did she find a birthmother but two brothers and a sister.  I am that sister.  I just returned from a 1600 mile drive round trip to meet her for the first time.  This is the sister I have known about for 30-some years.  I had spent hours, days and weeks searching.  I was obsessed to find her and only found brick walls I could not get past.  I finally had to give up my search.  What a surprise that she had found us and so easily with your help.  You truly are an angel and given our family such a special gift.  Thank you so much for all you do.  --From a newly found sister, Jackie

“I wanted to follow up with you to let you know about the happy outcome
of your search efforts on my behalf.
  “I contacted Jean who actually turns out to be my aunt. She was truly warm & welcoming. We have spoken several times and plan to meet. She put me in touch with her sister Patricia, who is my mother. We had a very good, long phone conversation. She welcomed me into her life & told all other family members about me. She actually lives only 1-1/2 hour away so we are planning to meet soon. I also learned that I have a 1/2 sister who has always known about me. I just can't wait to meet her as well. I also have several cousins & we have been in touch through Facebook. They have all been happy I turned up & absolutely welcoming. I felt connected with each one of them right away.  I couldn't have wished for a better reuniting.
  “There are simply no words to express the gratitude I feel for what you did for me. Not only have you given me my family back, you've given me a piece of myself that was always missing. I'll just say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  -From "Anne", 9/21/2011
I tried searching for my mother on and off since 1986, yet I really didn't have enough resources. A few years later, with advent of Internet, I tried looking again, with no luck. Not until recently, October 2011 did I get back onboard with searching. I googled NYC detectives, and of all things that comes up is detectives spying on men who could possibly be cheating on their then I added to my search "NYC detectives/birthparent searching." I always scroll down and read yahoo reviews and this reviewer wrote under one of the names of adoption searching detectives (who charge big bucks, by the way, another deterrent for me to search since I thought dumping thousands of dollars into searching with no guarantees). So here is what the review said, don't pay money to hire a detective, join the Yahoo group NYAdoptees. And that is what led me to Priscilla, the search angel. I must have spent hours talking to Priscilla. She was so genuinely interested in my story. I also never spoke to a “real birth mother” before, so I instantly felt close to her. Just hearing a birth mom's perspective for the first time answered so many questions for me, and provided me with such a sense of peace. Priscilla and I instantly bonded, and, would you believe, she found my mother in about a half hour! Finally hearing my mother’s voice again, I recognized her compassion, and it was really an amazing moment for me. We spoke for over an hour, and it was truly magical! We agreed to begin our reunited relationship. And somehow, something healed inside me. I was complete! ~~ Michele