Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Favorite Sites

Finding Living Relatives
And Adoption-Related Searches
Using Public Records on the Internet

Priscilla Stone Sharp
Genealogist/Adoption Search Angel

My Favorite Sites for Searching

Google ….  Google    Google  - hands down overall favorite FREE searching site
When searching Google, put names in quotation marks:  "John Q. Public" in various forms "Public, John" and qualify it with the name of a town or other family member, or the word "obituary" or "census" etc.

To find if a website exists for what you’re looking for:

Birth/Marriage/Death Records:  ($$) ($) ($$)  ($) (SSDI, searchable by range-of-year, is free)  (Free; NYC area)  ($) (Mostly military oriented)  (SSDI by DOB)  (SSDI by name)

Newspapers:  ($$)  (New York-area society and news archives)  (Free; over 20 million pages of mostly New York newspapers)  (Free, but not easily searchable)  (Free, uppermost NYS counties)

City Directories:  (City directories and telephone books available for sale on CDs and DVDs)

Obituaries:  ($ if obit is archived)
and newspapers

People Finders:


Military Records:

Social Networks


  1. your articel is very nice! I appreciate your post.
    Yellow Sandstone


  2. We are looking for my uncle Ricky Dale Winburn 2/20/1971 from Lexinton, ky. Born to Carolyn Ann Winburn. He was taken by the state of Kentucky when he was 3 years old and placed in foster care until he was adopted in 1981. We have been searching for many years. And would love any help we can get. Below are a few of the only photos we have. My mom is his older sister Priscilla Ann Winburn he has a younger brother Harold Ray Abner. I am his niece. Any info would help we have found nothing so far.