Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Letter from a Recent Reunion...

Dear Priscilla,
  I just wanted to say thank you to you for finding me!  I am the mother of -- born in March of 1962.  My day December 17, 2010 started normally.  My husband and I were headed out the door Christmas shopping when the phone rang and the man on the other end said he wanted to talk to me about the -- family; he sounded like a salesman, so I assumed he was going to try to sell me the -- genealogy.  My husband is pointing to his watch indicating we have to leave.  I became a little irritated at the conversation at this point and curtly asked exactly what this phone call was about.

  This "salesman" got right to the point and asked me if March  31, 1962 meant anything to me.  Well, you can imagine, I was shocked and since the only people who knew I had a son in the world were my parents, brother and I told my husband before we were married, I quickly said no, whereupon I heard the most disappointed "ohhh" that I've ever heard.  Realizing now that this perhaps is my son, I quickly retracted the "no" and said yes, you are my son?  He, of course, responded by indicating he was and the rest has been the most wonderful miracle, the most absolute happiness that I've ever experienced.  My love for and my bonding with [my son], I believe, started at that conversation.  Then I received a picture of him and his wife and I was just thrilled!  I recently met him in person and am very proud to claim him as mine!

  The Christmas of 2010, I received the best present I've ever received; the gift of a son!  Not only a son, but I have two wonderful grandchildren!   So, when I say thank you, it seems woefully inadequate.   You've changed my life!  I've never been happier.  Thank you for finding me!

Update June 2012:
So glad you're out and about with the adoption work.  So glad that you're continuing with that work as it's vital to us Moms who wonder always whatever happen to my son; I hope he's well and doing okay.  Many thoughts like that pop into our heads from time to time all through the years and are always remembered and included in prayers every night.
[Since we last spoke] I have had a grandson who just was graduated from high school ...  How wonderful, isn't it?   We were invited to Pittsburgh for his graduation.  On Mother's Day, I spent my first Mother's Day with my son.  How absolutely wonderful.   I can't express in words how much that meant.  

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